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Welcome to, the revolutionary dating application meticulously designed with University of Münster students in mind. Is finding time for dating in between lectures at Schloss Münster a struggle? Are you tired of swiping aimlessly hoping to stumble upon a the right match? With our unique AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, the only swiping you'll be doing is at your favorite local coffee shop, Cavete, during your first date.

Eva is not your ordinary AI chatbot. Unlike other dating apps, Eva is designed to have a detailed matchmaking conversation with you, allowing her to understand your preferences, values, and personality intricacies better. Behind the scenes, she intricately crafts your profile, saving you from the hassle. It's like having an interesting conversation at the Jüdefelderstraße Street, but with a twist. With Eva, you don't have to rely on bumping into someone in the crowded Juridicum library.

Join now and allow Eva to connect you with like-minded students from the University of Münster. Whether you're a Biology student inclined towards artsy dates at the Picasso Museum or a Literature major eyeing casual get-togethers at Café Sonne, Eva has got you covered. So why wait? Dive into the future of dating, specifically curated for you by your friendly AI matchmaker, Eva.