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Looking for love on campus just got easier with, the smart dating app designed specifically for the University of Nairobi. Forget aimlessly swiping for hours, hoping to find a match - in, you'll be paired with compatible partners through a fun and engaging conversation with our AI chatbot, Eva. You don't have to rely on a chance encounter in Jomo Kenyatta Library anymore for romance!

After a comprehensive chat with Eva, she uses your interests and preferences to build you a unique profile. Could daydreaming about that smart, music-loving person from your biochem lab be a thing of the past? How about sharing a cup of coffee at that quaint little Sonford's Cafe along Lower Kabete Road? With Eva on your side, a perfect first date might be closer than you think.

Let's commit to simplifying dating at the University of Nairobi. Silver moments no longer need to exist solely in the Ezra Conference Room or Gulam Hussein Library. With, rely on artificial intelligence for a more human connection. Are you ready to take the first step towards finding your soulmate on campus?