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Welcome to, the revolutionary dating app designed specifically for the vibrant community of University of Naples Federico II. With our innovative AI-driven technology, we’re bringing the enchanting charm of Naples to the digital dating scene. Do you ever wish that instead of tirelessly swiping, you could have a meaningful conversation at the famed Gambrinus coffee shop? That's where Eva, our AI matchmaking bot, comes in to change the course of your dating journey.

What makes us stand out? Eva isn’t just another dating bot. She’s an intelligent matchmaker who gets to know you through stimulating conversations, just like those late-night discussions at Monteoliveto library. Forget about complicated questionnaires! Eva builds a dynamic profile of you based on your thoughtful exchanges, and in the process, identifies potential matches that align with your interests and values. This means fewer missed connections, and more opportunities for meaningful relationships.

So, why rely on bumping into someone in Borgo Santa Lucia or the library when you can have the whole university on your screen? Join and let Eva guide you on an unforgettable dating adventure tailored to your unique Neapolitan experience. No more swiping, just great conversations and better dates. Start your love story with today!