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Welcome to, an innovative dating solution exclusively designed for you, the vibrant and vivacious students of the University of New South Wales. Our intelligent matchmaking chatbot, Eva, revolutionises the way you connect with peers inside the golden, sunlit interiors of Scientia Library or amidst the bustle of The White House. It's time to tear your eyes away from the textbooks, and say goodbye to the exhausting hunt through endless profiles. Our sophisticated Eva learns about your likes, interests and preferences through a friendly chat, building a profile that genuinely reflects you, so you can focus on what matters most - your studies and social life.

Eva's cutting-edge AI technology is here to shatter the anxiety of social meetups and the uncertainty of blind dates. Whether it's meeting for a creamy latte at The White House cafe, exploring the splendid Anzac Parade eateries or catching a glimpse of stunning Coogee beach between lectures, dating at UNSW has never been this personal, convenient, and fearlessly proactive. isn't just about matchmaking; it's about celebrating the uniquely thrilling culture that makes up student life in Sydney's academic heartland.

We know that the UNSW experience isn't just about academics; it's also about meaningful connections. does not merely eliminate the guesswork from dating. We understand the charm of coffee dates under the fairy lights of Penny Lane or the thrill of a casual meet-up under the greens of Alumni Park. We appreciate your busy schedules, your academic challenges, and your desire to connect with like-minded partners. With, dating will no longer be a tiresome addition to your university agenda – it will be your escape, your fun study break, your chance to discover the vibrant love life that accompanies your academic pursuits.