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Discover your dream partner without swipes or awkward lectures at DeBartolo Hall, with - a revolutionary dating app exclusive to Fighting Irish singles at University of Notre Dame. Ingeniously designed to bring together university sweethearts, our app takes dating to a whole new level, blending technology and romance in perfect harmony.

Let Eva, your intelligent matchmaking chatbot, guide you on your journey to find love. Simply engage in a captivating conversation with Eva and she'll use her AI prowess to build your profile. Forget the time-consuming labor of creating a bio or the pressure of choosing the perfect picture. Just be yourself, and Eva will do the rest. Imagine having a meaningful chat by Saint Mary's Lake and shifting that experience to digital - that’s Eva’s expertise!

No need to wait for serendipity to play its part at Hammes Notre Dame Bookstore or bumping into someone in the ever-bustling Hesburgh Library. Instead, let Eva suggest a coffee date at the iconic Waddick's Cafe or a spontaneous picnic at nearby Clarke Memorial Fountain. With, the vast Notre Dame campus becomes the ideal backdrop for starting your romantic journey. Let love find you, effortlessly.