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Welcome, Ducklings! Unleash the power of AI in your quest for love and connection with Designed exclusively for the hustling, bustling students of the University of Oregon, our innovative dating app puts a twist on the online dating game. Say goodbye to endless swiping, and hello to Eva, our intelligent AI chatbot that gets to know you like a late-night study buddy at the Knight Library.

Remember those deep chats over heartwarmers at Vero Espresso House? Eva’s matchmaking philosophy is much like that. She sparks up a conversation with you, delves deep into your interests, quirks, and what you value in a partner. Then, as silent and efficient as the White Stag in our beloved city, Eva crafts your profile, ensuring it shines as bright as the Autzen's scoreboards during Homecoming, attracting those who truly vibe with you.

At, we make romantic connections on-campus as easy and thrilling as a Ducks game day. Now, you can focus less on the overwhelming question of who’s right for you, and more on planning that perfect first date by the Willamette River. Experience the future of dating, tailored to the unique life and spirit of University of Oregon. Let Eva guide you on your journey to love!