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Welcome to, the phenomenal new dating app designed exclusively for the vibrant student community of the University of Palermo. Pressed for time between lectures at the historical Edificio Politeama and frantic study sessions at the Biblioteca Centrale della Ricerca? Never fear, because is here to spark connections with zero swiping and all the fun.

Our sophisticated AI, Eva, simplifies your dating journey, initiating engaging conversations to understand you better and carve up a personalised profile. Trust Eva with your unique preferences, from late-night strolls at the Villa Giulia or to a comforting espresso shot at the beloved Bar Touring. Just a small chat, and you're moments away from exciting, compatible matches without scanning the library aisles.

So, unleash the romance at the University of Palermo and let transform your university experience. Say goodbye to awkward bump-ins and hello to easy, intelligent matchmaking with Eva. Prepare for a wonderful exploration of love and companionship, right here on your campus. Jump aboard - where your love story begins.