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Welcome to! This isn't simply another monotonous dating app. It is tailor-made for all you fun-loving, adventure-seeking students right here at the University of Pardubice! We understand how busy university life can get. You barely have time to stay awake through lectures, let alone spend hours swiping right or left on a conventional dating app. That's exactly where we come in.

Our innovative platform includes an AI matchmaking chatbot called Eva, who unlike a random classmate in the university library is designed to do one job and do it well... to find you a perfect match! Eva is a virtual conversation pal who, in a friendly chat, expertly tailors your profile to best represent you. So, instead of spending hours swiping and deciphering cryptic profiles, you get to chat, laugh, and let Eva work her magic.

Whether you're into grabbing coffee at Café Studák or fancy a pleasant walk by the Chrudimka River, Eva knows just the person who shares your interests. With no swiping involved, there will be more time for you to dive headfirst into the vibrant Pardubice student life. is the new buzz at University of Pardubice - it's time to let Eva help you find your match!