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Welcome to, the leading-edge dating service designed exclusively for the studious hearts of the University of Pavia. Imagine a dating platform that profoundly understands your university lifestyle, appreciates your love for caffeine breaks at Café Al Mercato, and knows that finding a date in the labyrinth of Biblioteca Universitaria doesn't always equate to a perfect match.

With our revolutionary AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, building your ideal profile is a simple exchange. Just engage in a responsive chat with Eva and watch as she crafts your profile using your interests, preferences, and yes, even your favourite spots around Pavia. Say goodbye to the days of dazed swiping! Here at, we combine advanced AI and your intriguing university life story to find your ideal match.

So, whether you're from the world-renowned Facoltà di Giurisprudenza or the vibrant Corso Strada Nuova, connect deeper, experience richer conversations, and unlock intimate relationships with your fellow Pavia students. Turn your university journey into a romantic adventure with!