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Welcome to, your ultimate companion within the cozy archways of University of Pécs. Tired of swiping endlessly through profiles as hollow as the echo across the Knowledge Centre? Our revolutionary dating app uses an AI-driven matchmaking chatbot "Eva" that learns your preferences during an engaging conversation, ensuring a seamless and smart dating experience, without the mundane swiping ballet.

Imagine not having to confess your endless love for coffee at Zsolnay Café to every potential match, or explaining how the Fekete Sas is your go-to spot for refreshing evening drinks. Instead, Eva will note this down during your heart-warming conversation, crafting a vivid profile of you as intricate as the beautiful murals of the University Library. Rest assured, leaving your dating fate to library encounters or the side glances at the bustling Őszibarack will be a thing of the past. is custom-made for the dynamic and diverse student body of the University of Pécs, taking into account the hustle of university life, the celebrations at E80, and even the quiet study sessions at the Centre for Learning. Let Eva take the wheel and navigate your love journey while you focus on creating unforgettable university memories. Welcome to smarter dating, welcome to