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Welcome to, your innovatively tailored dating solution exclusively for our dear Rome III University students. Our AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, revolutionises your journey to find perfect companionship. Forget swiping, forget guesswork; Eva engages you in a friendly conversation to understand your likes, dislikes, and exactly what you seek in a partner. Uniquely crafted for the Rome III community, our platform understands that finding love should be as effortless as enjoying a Moka at our beloved Rostrum Cafe.

At, we are well aware that your favourite nooks and crannies within our campus offer more than just studious isolation. Our app slips seamlessly into your university life, providing tailored suggestions underscoring upcoming social events and secret romantic spots across campus. Ever pictured a sunset stroll down the breathtaking green expanse of the Virgiliano Park? Or perhaps a first date by the mesmerizing Fiumicino waterfront, whose captivating vibes match your allure? Our intuitive AI, Eva, picks up these hints in your conversation, making targeted matchmaking a reality.

Gone are the days of repetitive swiping or leaving love to chance at the Lorenzo de' Medici library. With, unlock the future of university dating. Enjoy the immersive experience of a dating app that is rooted in familiarity, furthering the bond of our Rome III family. So why wait? Let us redefine your journey of making meaningful connections, right here at the heart of our Rome III University.