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Welcome to, a revolutionary dating app custom-made for our vibrant University of Salento community! We understand that between your studies at the old-world Biblioteca Universitaria and lingering over espressos at Café Alvino, you may not have the time or the opportunity to find your perfect match. Don't leave your love life to chance, let Eva, our AI-powered matchmaker, help you.

We're making swiping redundant! No more relying on that "meet cute" in Diso's crowded corridors or the hope for a spontaneous connection at Midnight Sun parties. With Eva, we take the guesswork out of dating. Engage in a fun, meaningful conversation with our chatbot and let her assess your preferences, quirks, and desiderata to create your unique profile. It's as effortless as sitting through a lecture at the Techno Research Park...only a lot more exciting!

Fusing the power of AI matchmaking with the charm of Salento's campus life, is the smarter, more personalized way to date. Uni life is tough enough without having to navigate the complicated world of modern dating - let Eva guide the way. Welcome to a future where love, just like your next cappuccino at Alvino's, is just a chat away.