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Take a step away from the sway of exam revision at Clifford Whitworth Library and dive into the exciting world of, the fresh new dating app designed specifically for you, the diligent students of University of Salford. Our app employs Eva, an innovative AI matchmaking chatbot, to learn more about you and your preferences. It all starts with a congenial chat, so there's no need to stress over creating a perfect profile anymore!

Forget about the hit-and-miss nature of swiping or hoping to stumble into someone at Atmosphere Bar - Eva's here to rouse an elevated dating experience for Salford undergraduates. With a keen understanding of your likes and dislikes from your conversation, Eva will suggest connections that align with your lifestyle and interests. It's smart, precise and saves your precious time for studies and the occasional stroll by the Peel Park - or who knows, for the upcoming romantic dates too!

Whether it’s a riverside rendezvous at The Old Pint Pot, a cozy study date at Chapman's cafe, or exploring the tasteful exhibitions at Salford Museum & Art Gallery, Eva is here to guide you. Let foster meaningful connections while you focus on conquering the academic realm at University of Salford. Start chatting with Eva today and let the journey of an extraordinary university love story begin!