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Welcome to, the newest dating frontier exclusively crafted for the bright minds of the University of São Paulo. No, you won't have to bank on bumping into your dream match at Florestan Fernandes Library anymore or try your luck while sipping your beloved coffee at Café do Pateo. We bring a revolutionary AI-driven matchmaking experience straight to your fingertips.

Liberation from the endless swiping regime is finally here. Enter Eva - your personal AI matchmaking chatbot. With a relaxed, engaging conversation, Eva will learn more about you and help construct your profile. She is trained to understand and cater to both your spoken preferences and the nuances of being a student at the esteemed University of São Paulo. And voila—you're all set to explore a tailored pool of potential matches. No swipes, no gimmicks, just LOVE.

Embark on your journey of finding a partner who understands the exhilaration of celebrations at Quadrado or the stress-busting walks at Parque da Água Branca. With, let's make University of São Paulo not just a seat of learning, but also an arena of meaningful relationships.