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Welcome to, the groundbreaking dating platform tailored exclusively for the dynamic students of the University of Saskatchewan! Are you tired of aimless swiping and yearning for meaningful connections? Traverse the horizon of dating with our revolutionary AI-based matchmaking chatbot, Eva. Skip the hassle of curating a perfect profile—Eva does it for you through a friendly conversation, mapping your preferences, interests, and aspirations for a seamless dating experience.

Let's face it, the odds of bumping into your perfect match while cramming for exams at the Murray Library are slim. And the perpetual queue for a latte at Tim Hortons on campus isn't necessarily an ideal setting for romance. But with, finding that romantic connection becomes simpler and more precise—further enhancing your university experience. Instead of a chance encounter at the library, how about a thoughtfully arranged meet-up at that cozy, offbeat café Usask students adore—The Museo Coffee Roasters?

This isn't your standard dating app— fuses technology and human intuition, reframing digital dating into an experience that reflects your University of Saskatchewan journey. Make memories beyond the lecture hall and make the most of your student life with—the smart choice for intelligent dating.