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Welcome to, the innovative dating app that's transforming the way students at the University of Sheffield find love, flirtation, and friendship. Our proprietary AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, is here to ensure you never need to rely on bumping into 'the one' at The Diamond or exchanging glances in the Arts Tower elevator. Gone are the days of endless swiping and hollow introductions.

After a friendly chat with Eva, she instantly learns everything she needs to suggest promising matches based on your personality and interests. Instead of basing decisions on superficial snaps, together you'll create a profile that represents the real, spectacular you. Whether you're into the bustling urban vibes of West Street or prefer the quiet charm of Addison's Park, Eva's got you covered.

Bid farewell to awkward bar interrogations and steamy library encounters. Let be the beginning of a courtship as extraordinary as the Firth Court's architecture. Or who knows, maybe your match and you would love a first date at our local treasure, Tamper Coffee. Join today and let Eva guide you to your Sheffield sweetheart.