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University of Silesia in Katowice

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Welcome to, the innovative dating app specifically designed to connect the pulsating, vibrant heart of University of Silesia in Katowice! Gone are the days relying on the off-chance of bumping into that special someone in the crowded corridors of Rybnicka Library. Powered by Eva, our intelligent matchmaking AI, we make sure that every match on our platform is handpicked, just for you.

Engage in a charming conversation with Eva, and let her unearth your unique preferences and desires, crafting a detailed profile that truly represents you. Doing away with the tedious swiping, Eva harnesses the power of advanced AI technology to find the ideal match within the sea of University of Silesia's enthusiastic scholars. Set your first date for a cozy meet-up at our local favourite, the underground gem – Browariat Beer House, or a delightful coffee conversation at Café Byfyj, renowned for its soul-soothing hot cocoa and ambient setting.

With, embark on your journey to love in the familiar landscape of our beloved university, effortlessly tailored to you by Eva. Discover compatibility beyond interests and classes, venture into a whole new realm of intelligent dating today!