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Welcome to, the revolutionary dating app designed exclusively for dynamic and diverse students of the University of South Africa. Tired of the monotony of swiping and the anonymity of crowded lecture halls? Introducing Eva, our AI-based chatbot that ditches swiping for superior matchmaking technology. Chat with Eva, and let her know your preferences as she builds an authentic and unique profile of you. So no more swiping or hoping to bump into that special someone at the much-loved Sol Plaatje library. understands that a perfect date spot is vital to kickstart a blossoming relationship. Eva is well aware that a great conversation over a cup of the finest brew at 'The Forge' coffee shop near campus can be a gamechanger. Sharing the same laid-back atmosphere as our beloved campus, Eva will ensure your matches are relaxed, familiar, and exciting students who share your interests and passions.

Universities are the breeding grounds of diverse personalities and intellects - and our University of South Africa is no exception. With, let's transform the vast crowd of students into meaningful individual connections. After all, isn't it delightful when your academic interests align over coffee at The Forge or studying together in the quiet corners of Sol Plaatje library? Unveil the magic of potential relationships with today.