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Welcome to – the University of South Australia's premier dating solution designed just for UniSA students like you. No need to rely on fortuitous encounters in the Jeffrey Smart Learning Center or an accidental coffee spill at Abbots & Kinney, thanks to our AI-driven approach, we’ll help you find your perfect match through meaningful conversations, not swipes.

You'll be introduced to Eva, your AI Matchmaking assistant. Through an engaging conversation with this progressive chatbot, she will learn your interests, hobbies and preferences. Does your heart race for a stimulating intellectual debate over coffee at Café Allegra? Or perhaps sharing laughter at an indie gig at Rhino Room tickles your romantic fancy? Let Eva know, she's programmed to listen and learn from you.

No more guesswork, no more endless swiping. With, we're bringing a pragmatic yet fun approach to the dating scene here at UniSA. Trust Eva to guide you, as she curates a personalised dating experience that's as unique and vibrant as our UniSA community. Let's embark on this exciting journey together, one engaging conversation at a time.