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Welcome to, Uni of South’s newest adventure in the world of dating. Crafted just for Gamecocks, our unique platform uses Eva, an innovative, AI-driven matchmaking chatbot, to help you find your perfect match! Gone are the days of swiping, save it for clearing tables at Cool Beans Coffee Co.!

Start with a relaxed chat with Eva to assist her in understanding your likes, dislikes, and dating preferences. Forget bumping into each other amidst the library bookshelves and let Eva handle your introduction so you can simply enjoy those special sunset views at the Thomas Cooper Library or cheer together for the Gamecocks at the Williams-Brice Stadium.

With, dive into a dating experience where Artificial Intelligence meets genuine Southern charm, crafting heartfelt connections amongst the vibrant student community right here at University of South Carolina. Let's turn those solo coffee runs into shared moments and unforgettable college memories. Get ready, a new adventure awaits!