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Welcome Trojans, to, the perfect platform to change your dating life at the University of Southern California. Why rely on the slim chance of bumping into your dream partner in the crowd of Doheny Library or the hustle of Tommy's Place, when Eva, our intelligent AI chatbot, can revolutionize your dating experience?

No need to locate your bio, hiking photos, or obligatory SOS or your favorite coffee shop in LA - Ground Zero Coffee. Instead, your preferences, quirks, and personal qualities will be captured through your in-depth conversation with Eva. So rest easy and skip the unending swiping—Eva will craft an impressive profile that represents the real you, connecting you with like-minded Trojans based on more than just appearances.

Embark on a new journey of love right here at USC using Let Eva take the reins of your dating life so you can focus on acing those midterms. Trust Eva to be the wingman you never knew you needed, and who knows? You may soon be sharing a cozy date over brunch at The Lab or cheering together at a thrilling Trojans game.