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Welcome to, the exclusive University of St Andrews dating application! Wave goodbye to fruitless swiping and futile hopes of bumping into your potential match in the library between the Scottish History and Marine Biology sections. With, you get matched intelligently and instantly, making your search for love as seamless as ordering a caffeine fix at Gorgeous Brew, our local coffee haven loved by many of our students.

Our innovative matchmaking system is powered by Eva, an AI chatbot with a knack for Cupid's job. Engage in a friendly chat with Eva, and she'll build a comprehensive profile that truly represents you. She's a good listener, an excellent profiler and has a deep understanding of what St Andrews' students are looking for in a partner. So skip the manual profile-building hassle and let Eva do what she does best - helping you find your match based on your unique preferences and personality traits.

So, whether it’s a shared passion for our Fighting Saints, a joint appreciation for a North Point breakfast, or simply someone who understands the demands of the Bubble, is your smart route to love at St Andrews. Let's redefine your dating experience, the St Andrews way – tech-savvy, time-efficient, and tailored especially for you. Start your journey with now and fall in love with dating again.