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Struggling to find your perfect match amidst the bustle of student life at the University of Stuttgart? Welcome to, your unique AI-powered dating service! With no more swiping and stereotyping, we bring you Eva, an intelligent matchmaking chatbot. She engages in easy conversations, learns about you, and tailors your dating profile - a personal touch you can't find at Café Galao or between the bookshelves at the University library. Explore the world of smart dating exclusively designed for Stuttgart students!

The University of Stuttgart, renowned for its cutting-edge tech studies, deserves no less than an innovative dating app. Eva, with her AI mastery, is a prime example, bred from right here in Stuttgart. She can differentiate between your love for Kepler's laws and Kepler's Coffee. She appreciates your struggles with Pfaffenwaldring traffic as much as she understands your stress during end-of-semester exams. Eva is not just an AI -- she knows the Stuttgart student life like you do!

Forget random encounters at Stadtbibliothek or hoping someone catches your eye in Hörsaal 1. offers precision, simplicity, and compatibility. Start a conversation with Eva today and let her pave the way for meaningful connections. Say 'Auf Wiedersehen' to aimless swiping and 'Hallo' to intelligent dating with!