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Welcome to, a revolutionary dating platform explicitly designed for you, the student community of University of Surrey. Don't exhaust yourself swiping aimlessly or hoping for a chance encounter in the Austin Pearce Building -- give our novel AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, a try!

Eva holds an intelligent conversation with you, learning and understanding your unique personality, interests, and preferences, throughout your chat. From the hobbies you passionately scream about in Union House, to your secret admiration for that quiet corner in the Hive, or sharing lattes at the Lakeside Coffee Shop. She encodes your uniqueness, so you'll never need to swipe again – we promise.

Regardless of whether you're studying at the Guildford School of Acting or mastering equine science, is committed to helping you connect authentically with like-minded individuals. Let's bring the 'human' back into 'interactions', one conversation with Eva at a time. It's about time you recollected your adventure at Guildford Castle with someone special!