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Meet, the revolutionary dating app that's taking UTS by storm! Designed specially for all you hard-working and busy students, takes away all the guesswork involved in finding that perfect someone. Forget lonely nights trawling the library or endless searches in the crowded UniBar - our app does the work for you. Imagine catching a coffee at Penny Lane Café without the painful small talk because you both know it's a match!

This isn't your typical swipe and hope for the best kind of experience. Our AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, is your very own personal cupid. All it takes is a chat with our witty and insightful Eva to build your unique profile. Then, sit back, focus on your studies and let Eva find the perfect UTS student who shares your interests, understands your hectic lecture schedule, and can meet you for a quick bite between tutorials at Marketplace.

With, let technology take over the matchmaking game while you continue to conquer your university journey. Because at UTS, we don't just keep up with technology – we spearhead it. Welcome to a whole new era of dating at the University of Technology Sydney, courtesy of!