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Welcome to, specifically designed for the vibrant students of University of Tehran. Fed up with the endless swiping on conventional dating apps? replaces that tedious process with Eva, our AI matchmaking chatbot. After an engaging conversation with Eva, your profile is built with in-depth knowledge that no swipe can match. Say goodbye to wasted matches and hello to meaningful connections.

University of Tehran is a buzzing world unto itself, from late night study sessions at Kharazmi Library, to lively interactions at the Student House, and the smell of fresh Persian tea wafting from Cafe Daneshjoo. With, you don't have to rely on chance meetings at these places. Our app connects you to like-minded companions who understand the thrill of a debate at Faculty of Law or the serenity of a stroll around College of Fine Arts.

Set your first date at the ever popular Cafe Bazaar, exchange thoughts over a cup of its famous coffee, and enjoy the essence of student life in Tehran. leverages authentic knowledge of our University of Tehran community, combined with advanced AI technology, giving you the edge in finding the perfect match. Experience the future of dating with, where the chemistry of love meets the physics of AI.