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Welcome to, specially designed for the bustling Mavericks of the University of Texas at Arlington! We know that between studying at Central Library, grabbing coffee at The College Park Starbucks, and cheering on the Movin' Mavs, finding time for dating can be quite a challenge. But wait, what if we take the grind out of finding that special someone?

Meet Eva, your very own AI Matchmaker. Eva isn't an algorithm just making wild guesses. She's a smart chatbot who will carry out a fun and insightful conversation with you, gauging your preferences, interests, and what you are actually looking for in a partner. No need to spend hours swiping left or right or strategizing your next move in the Library's silent zones. Leave the matchmaking to us, and you can enjoy your time at UTA the way it should be.

The dating game has changed, Mavericks. Let's move beyond chance meetings and dive into the future. is here to revolutionize your dating experience and make every interaction count. Ready to meet your match at UTA? Start your smart dating journey with Eva and today!