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Welcome to, the ultimate dating app exclusive for the visionary students at The University of Texas at El Paso! Surviving all nighters, juggling 8am classes, and getting by the hustling crowd at Larry K. Durham center—you all deserve the best matchmaking experience, and we’re ready to deliver.

Enter Eva, your artificially intelligent matchmaker, who saves you from the endless swiping and takes the time to know you. She chats, learns, and thoughtfully prepares an in-depth profile. Gone are the days where landmine conversations hit, or mistakenly bumping into someone during your rare silent study hours at the UTEP Library. With Eva crafting matches, every connection holds potential.

So students, when you're grabbing a brew at Kinley’s House Coffee & Tea between classes or exploring the hidden aesthetics of Hoover House, rest easy knowing that Eva’s personal touch is working to find your perfect match. Studying at UTEP just got a whole lot more interesting. Experience the revolution in dating with!