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University of the Andes, Colombia

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Welcome to, the revolutionary dating app designed especially for you, the vibrant and intelligent students of the University of the Andes, Colombia! Say goodbye to the endless swiping and dependance on those chance library encounters at Biblioteca General Ramón de Zubiría, and hello to Eva, your personal AI matchmaking chatbot.

Eva is programmed to understand your needs better than anyone else. Simply engage in a conversation with her and she will create a profile that perfectly reflects your personality and preferences. She doesn't just match you with another student; she finds a compatible co-conspirator in your academic journey who shares your taste for a relaxing study break at Café Orígenes or a refreshing stroll through our beautiful campus.

Join today and let Eva find your ideal partner. Wherever you are on campus, whether you're studying, hanging out at Macondo Café, or exploring our botanic gardens, is working around the clock to transform your University of the Andes experience. Don't leave love to serendipity; trust in Eva, and discover the future of dating at the University of the Andes with