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Welcome to, the revolutionary dating app designed exclusively for the University of Tokyo students. Gone are the days of aimlessly swiping and waiting for a match. Here at, you can look forward to intelligent matchmaking powered by our cutting-edge chatbot, Eva.

Eva is not just any chatbot; she is programmed to understand you and your dating preferences better than anyone. After a friendly conversation with her, Eva crafts your profile and uses it to find your perfect match. Imagine, no more awkward encounters at the popular Red Rock coffee shop or banking on chance meetings in the Hongo Campus library. We make your dating life stress-free and enjoyable, as it should be!

It doesn't matter if you're a die-hard Komaba Campus dweller or a proud Kashiwa campus student, is here to transform your university dating experience. Let Eva do all the hard work while you focus on your studies, social life, and preparing for that perfect first date. Join today and start a smarter dating journey with us!