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Welcome to, the premiere dating app for all of us at the University of Trento. Say goodbye to the random swipes and hoping to bump into someone in the Biblioteca Centrale. We introduce you to the future of dating with our innovative AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva. After taking part in a matchmaking conversation where you get to express your likes, interests, course, major, and even your favourite coffee from Caffè Letterario! Eva curates a unique dating profile tailored just for you.

While Trento may be a small city steeped in history and tradition, is all about the future. Designed to take the stress out of dating and focus on the fun, our AI bot Eva makes meeting new people exciting and natural, just like sipping a cappuccino in the sun-soaked Piazza Duomo. Let's leave those long library encounters behind and turn them into bright new connections.

No need to miss out on your studies either, fits in your pocket and is available anytime. So whether you're on your way to your philosophy major or unwinding after some intensive chemistry, your perfect match is just a conversation away. With, the future of dating is here at the University of Trento.