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Welcome to, the revolutionary dating app specifically tailored for the hearts and minds of bright students at University of Tsukuba. Tired of hoping to bump into your potential match in the overcrowded Seibu-Roudou Library? Frustrated with endless swipes leading nowhere? That’s where we step in, connecting you with fellow students at your fingertips!

We understand how important chemical reactions are, not just in your laboratories but in your love life too. Powered by our state-of-the-art AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, we convert those reactions into extraordinary interactions. Eva engages you in an immersive profiling conversation, getting to know your nuances and intricacies. She uses this rich tapestry of information to identify profiles best suited to you, leaving outdated swiping firmly behind.

With, you can look forward to stimulating coffee dates at the popular Cafe Rest amongst the verdant backdrop of our beautiful campus, and not just sleepless nights in front of textbooks. So come, join us, let us rekindle romance amongst the hustle of academic life. Let Eva and bring you closer to the Tsukuba connections you've been waiting for.