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Welcome to, the exciting new dating app exclusively designed for the adventurous students of the University of Tulsa! Gone are the days of aimless swipe-fests and hoping to bump into your crunch in McFarlin Library. Meet Eva, your AI matchmaker who will help you find the perfect campus companion. Through an interactive matchmaking conversation, Eva builds your profile and matches you with compatible mates, taking the guesswork out of dating.

Let Eva know you love sipping macchiatos at The Phoenix or those invigorating study sessions at the Allen Chapman Student Union and watch her work her magic! With her advanced AI, Eva, not only listens, but she learns, crafting a unique dating journey tailored exclusively for you. takes the stress out of dating, leaving you more time to focus on what matters: enjoying your Golden Hurricanes experience.

Stop swiping in disappointment and start dating in delight with! Let Eva, the intelligent AI, curate your romantic exploration around our stunning TU campus and charming local spots in Tulsa. Turn your university years into an unforgettable expedition of academic achievement and emotional discovery, only at Join your fellow Golden Hurricanes and ride the whirlwind of love!