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Experience the future of matchmaking with, the smart student dating app you've been waiting for. Specially designed for University of Turku students, it revolutionises the dating journey using advanced AI technology. Forget about spending precious study hours swiping aimlessly – location-based profiles are passé. introduces Eva, our intelligent matchmaking chatbot, who constructs an authentic profile for you, based on an engaging conversation. Talk about a more genuine introduction!

It’s no secret that striking the right balance between study time at Quantum library and maintaining a vibrant social life can be tricky. With, you no longer need to rely on that serendipitous encounter among stacks of Sociology books. Instead, step out of your everyday routine and let Eva set you up. You might find yourself sharing insights from your latest lecture over lattes at nearby Cafe Art, or taking a peaceful walk along Aura River with someone who shares your passion for marine biology.

We understand that as University of Turku students, your time and focus need to be well-managed. That’s why does all the initial work for you, so you only need to worry about planning that perfect first date. Leverage the power of AI and embark on an exciting journey of meaningful connections. Take a leap forward – it's time to smart date with