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Welcome to, your new best friend in the University of Ulsan dating scene. We know how vibrant campus life can be, juggling between lectures at the Innovation Hall and unwinding moments at the Uligeum Lake. Our app is designed to help you navigate this journey, introducing you to those lecture buddies you haven't crossed paths with yet. No more hoping for serendipitous encounters in the SeongNam Library in between your study sessions.

Your new partner in the dating world is Eva. Eva isn't just a chatbot. She's an AI matchmaking guru who learns about you in a fun, interactive conversation. Forget about the stress of designing an eye-catching profile. Eva will create one for you based on your chat, ensuring your best qualities shine through to your potential matches. Once done, no needs for endless swipes. You can save that energy for your midterm exams or those late-night study sessions at the Chwihan Square.

And you know that tiny coffee shop in Samho-Ri where everyone gets their energy shots from? Imagine having a deep conversation there with someone who truly gets you, without the pressures of finding the right lines. Let Eva do all the hard work of matching, so all you have to do is plan your first date. Join us today and explore the joys of meeting like-minded university peers with