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Welcome to, the dating app specifically engineered for University of Vermont students! Say goodbye to mindless swiping and hello to our revolutionary AI-powered matchmaking tool, Eva. Eva will chat directly with you, getting to know your preferences and personality, building your profile in a way that feels more like catching up with a friend than ticking check boxes on a screen.

No need to hope for repeated bumping into someone between the stacks of Bailey/Howe Library anymore, or idle chit-chat at Henderson's Coffee shop. Let Eva set you up instead, and all you'll have to worry about is making the most out of that first date at our beloved local hangout, The Skinny Pancake!

Embrace the comfort of innovation, merge the best of technology and tradition at the University of Vermont. Forget the typical dating app inconveniences, Eva is here to transform your dating experience into something more personal, efficient, and a lot more exciting. Are you ready for a dating game-changer? Welcome to!