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Welcome to, your exclusive dating platform, thoughtfully designed for the charming and vibrant students of the University of Victoria! Finding a compatible connection within our vast campus now gets fascinatingly interactive with the power of artificial intelligence. With a shared love for beautiful Finnerty Gardens or a mutual admiration for the stunning architecture of Mcpherson Library, get ready to find your perfect match among your fellow UVic classmates.

Say hello to Eva, our smart AI chatbot who knows the UVic campus and its culture like the back of her hand. Experience a groundbreaking dating journey as you engage in a delightful chat with Eva. She takes away the hassle of endless swiping by creating a profile that truly represents you. Answer a few questions, impress her with your wit, humor, and your love for a strong Parsonage Cafe coffee or UVIC rabbits, and leave the rest to Eva!

No need to rely on bumping into your crush at Moffet Library or waiting for that classmate in the BiblioCafé line. Be a part of; where meeting like-minded UVic students becomes easier, more intimate, and a lot more enjoyable. Your journey to unforgettable UVic memories and lifelong connections begins right from the comfort of your dorm room, with a click, a chat and a smile.