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Welcome to, the revolutionary dating app exclusively crafted for the spirited students of the University of Warsaw. Say goodbye to random, time-consuming swipes and let our AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, do the hard work for you. Right after a friendly and insightful conversation, Eva develops an in-depth profile for you, strategic enough to connect you with someone fascinating enough to pull you away from late-night library cram sessions in the BUW.

Are you interested in meeting someone who shares your love for Złote Tarasy shopping expeditions or morning coffees at Green Caffè Nero? With, you no longer have to rely on coincidence or hope for a chance meeting at PASTA STACJA between lectures. Eva is here to ensure you find your match, may it be over a shared course or a common obsession with the scenic UW Botanic Garden. is more than a simple dating app; it's a unique platform that dives into the depth of your character, interests, and preferences. Designed with expertise to deliver quality matches, it features the University of Warsaw at its epicentre. Why wait for serendipity at the campus when Eva can pave your way to your next fruitful study date or magical meeting at Ogrod Saski? Let's redefine the Warsaw dating scene together with!