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Welcome to, exclusively designed for you - the vibrant and diverse crowd of University of Westminster. Our cutting-edge dating app employs a smart AI matchmaking chatbot named Eva to guide you in a matchmaking conversation, crafting your profile in a manner that truly captures your personality without the need for endless swiping.

Imaging logging on after putting in long hours at the library and suddenly, there's a suggestion for a date at a favourite local spot, The Cup, tucked away on Little Titchfield Street. With, you don't have to rely on a chance meeting at the Cavendish campus library or hope for a random encounter in the bustling corridors of Regent Campus. Our AI Eva takes in your preferences and transforms them into potential love matches.

At, we comprehend the dynamic rhythm of student life at Westminster, so whether you fancy a stroll in nearby Regents Park or a casual latte and study session at The Learning Platform, we've got you covered. Embrace the intelligent way of dating with, where love thrives amidst textbooks and university life. Get ready to redefine dating at the University of Westminster with Let Eva play the cupid for you!