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Welcome to, the one-of-a-kind dating service designed exclusively for you, the vibrant students of University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. We understand that your life in Milwaukee isn't complete without a study session at the Golda Meir Library and a lingering coffee date at Colectivo on the Lake. We've got something even more exciting than that next Double-Double from Webbs. Meet Eva, our AI matchmaking chatbot, who's ready to revolutionize your dating life.

Remember those endless hours you've spent swiping left and right when you could be cheering for the Panthers at the Klotsche Center? With Eva, you can reclaim your time and your love life. does the hard work for you. Eva will have an engaging conversation with you — that's right, no more surveys or forms to fill out. Just have a friendly, interactive chat with Eva and she will carefully build your profile. You no longer need to depend on serendipity at Sandburg Halls. Our AI offers smart matches, handpicked for you, based on your interaction with her.

Forget about the awkwardness of the first conversation, because with Eva, the ice has already been broken. Your next rendezvous at the Riverside Theater or a sunset walk along Lake Michigan begins here at Get matched, start a memorable conversation, and find a connection that goes beyond a shared major. Dive into an innovative and student-focused dating experience at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee today with, where the AI stands for Authentic Interactions.