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Welcome to, the future of dating tailored specifically for University of Zurich students like yourself! Forget swiping until your thumbs are sore and leave the matchmaking to us and our exceptional AI chatbot Eva. Through a relaxed and friendly conversation, Eva builds a detailed profile of you and pairs you with a perfect match, eliminating the need for seemingly endless swiping and happenstance library encounters.

Eva knows student life at the University of Zurich inside out - the best local coffee bars like Café Noir for a casual first date, the most serene study spots in the Lichhof Library, and even the usual Tuesday rush in the Mensa Cafeteria. Let Eva guide you towards a partner who shares your tastes, understands your busy university life, and knows the exact location of every coffee machine on campus.

Don't wait for love to stumble upon you in a lecture hall. Secure your chance to connect with someone who truly gets you. Register on today, chat with Eva, and explore the vibrant dating scene at the University of Zurich like never before. university dating becomes simple, personalized, and enjoyable!