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Uppsala University joins Dates.ai

Welcome to Dates.ai, specifically handcrafted for the ever-evolving young minds at Uppsala University. Forget those random encounters in the Carolina Rediviva Library or futile attempts at making a connection during the rush hours at Cafe Linne. It's time to step up your dating game with an effortless experience designed just for you!

Our digital cupid, Eva, is an AI-powered matchmaker who learns from a simple chat with you to build a comprehensive dating profile. She then works her magic to find compatible matches from your very own university. Want to impress your date? Imagine having a chat at Gunilla's Bell Tower, an intimate stroll around the Gustavianum or a magical evening at Norbyvagen. With Dates.ai, turn these scenarios into reality.

No more endless swiping and skeptical online interactions. Allow our intelligent system to instantly connect you with likeminded peers, creating meaningful conversations right from the onset. Discover a more refined, intuitive, and futuristic dating experience only on Dates.ai. Join the community now and add a spark to your university life.