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Ural Federal University joins Dates.ai

Welcome to Dates.ai, a dating app meticulously designed for the vibrant community of Ural Federal University. Say goodbye to awkward library encounters and arrive at the epitome of dating advancement. We bring to you, Eva - a hyper-intelligent AI chatbot that factors in your preferences, personality and university lifestyle to provide you with ideal match suggestions. No swipes, no vague profiles, just genuine connections crafted via insightful conversation.

Imagine this: while slogging through another late-night study session at the New Knowledge library, you receive a ping - a match! Eva sets up a date for you at CoffeeBoom, Ural Federal University's favourite pit stop. Your espresso is paired with freshly baked pastries and charming conversation with a fellow UFOU student, all coordinated by Eva. Participation in the vast local culture and exciting student life at Ural Federal University has never been more seamless!

Dates.ai innovates your dating experience by taking the guesswork out of the process, focusing on compatibility over chance. Our matchmaking conversation builds a profile that reflects the real you, ensuring matches that resonate with your values, interests and the unique student culture of Ural Federal University. Choose smart, choose personalized, choose Dates.ai — Your AI-powered cupid at Ural Federal University.