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Welcome to, your ultimate corner for dating specifically tailored for the vibrant terps of Vilnius University! As the first algorithm-powered dating app, we're transforming how you connect with fellow students at VU. Featuring Eva, our advanced AI matchmaking guru, we let the computer do the swiping so you can do the vibing. Swap the hours of self-doubt and endless scrolling for an engaging conversation where Eva learns about your interests, quirks, and ideal partner, creating an authentic profile depicting the real you.

No need to rely on serendipitous encounters at the lush VU Library or the Domus Medica. Here at, we leverage cutting-edge technology to match you with profiles that share your passions, course modules and even your affinity for late-night study sessions at the Scholarly Communication and Information Centre. So, whether you're a first-year currently muddling the maze of Vilnius Old Campus, or a third-year veteran who knows every nook in Multifunctional Study and Science Center, we can set you up with an ideal date.

How about sharing that uplifting cup of latte at the ever-popular Caffeine Roasters on Pilies gatve, or soaking in the sunset by the Neris River? Or perhaps sharing an engaging conversation about Quantum Physics at Fabai, all the way until closing hours. With, you're one conversation away from the perfect date at Vilnius University. Let Eva be your guide today!