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Waseda University joins Dates.ai

Embrace a revolution in campus dating with dates.ai, Waseda University's cutting-edge tool for finding your perfect match. Forget awkward encounters by the Okuma Garden Pond or hoping for a serendipitous moment in the shelves of Waseda Central Library. With our innovative AI, Eva, you can find your ideal partner without wasting precious study hours swiping!

Eva, our friendly AI chatbot, engages you in a sophisticated matchmaking conversation. She picks your brain, unravels your preferences and builds your unique love map. No more swiping left or right based on just looks. It's about diving deeper, it's about what really matters - a genuine connection. Imagine having your first date at Café de l'Ambre, completely confident that you share the same passion for vintage coffee and strong academics.

Elevate your dating experience at Waseda University with dates.ai. Because at Waseda, we don't wait for love to happen; we seize it with the power of cutting-edge technology. Begin your journey towards finding that special someone today, and let Eva guide you to the relationship you've been dreaming of!