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West University of Timişoara

West University of Timişoara joins Dates.ai

Welcome to dates.ai, the revolutionary dating app created exclusively for the enlightened minds at the West University of Timişoara. Say goodbye to the time-consuming swiping, and let our expert AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, handle the hard work. Just have a casual chat with Eva and she’ll construct your profile based on your personality and preferences - it's almost like having your personal Cupid in digital form.

With dates.ai, we promise more cut-through-the-chase connections and less awkward library encounters. Got your eye on a special someone in your Modern Philosophy class? Secretly crushing on that cutie you always see at the Union Square Cafeteria? Eva will guide your path towards your perfect match. And who knows? Your first date might just be a cozy afternoon at the beloved Velvet Café, sipping fresh lattes and indulging in warm conversation — there's no setting more ideal for West University students.

Dates.ai is not just an app, but your pass to a world of genuine connections. No more being lost in shallow interactions- sit back, rely on Eva, and venture into meaningful relationships in the familiar, comforting corners of the West University of Timişoara. Your romantic journey begins here with dates.ai!