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Xiamen University joins Dates.ai

Discover love in the sea of student life at Xiamen University like never before with Dates.ai! Our app takes the hassle out of finding a potential partner and replaces it with an engaging, stimulating conversation with Eva, our AI matchmaking chatbot. Instead of having to rely on the luck of running into a prospective love interest between classes or in the packed yet silent Nanqiang Library, Dates.ai takes over!

Eva can set you up without you needing to swipe endlessly; after understanding your preferences and interests from your conversation, she creates your profile. Imagine no longer 'accidentally' parking your bike at the Hulun-Beir Hall, hoping to bump into that cute classmate, but instead, having a meaningful conversation at your favorite table at the Village Café, known for its cozy student vibe and affordable coffees, initiated by Eva herself!

Dates.ai aims to transform the way students of Xiamen University experience dating, turning it from a game of chance into a personalized journey. Losing those precious study moments in the labyrinth of the Xiang'an Library trying to find 'the one' is a thing of the past, allow Eva to lead the way to a beautiful connection today!