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Welcome to, the premier dating app specially tailored for the vibrant students of Yokohama National University. No more relying on chance encounters at the Kitanomaru Library or asking out your fellow Nakatajima Coffee Shop enthusiasts, has come to revolutionize your dating experience. Our cutting-edge AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, is here to streamline your love life.

It's simplicity itself. First, engage in a fascinating matchmaking conversation with Eva. In tune with your needs, Eva doesn’t just analyze your responses, but also the unique way you communicate. This understanding leads to a meticulously curated profile that truly reflects your personality. Say goodbye to the endless swiping and hello to a dating app that genuinely knows you better.

In the middle of a cram session in the Kitano Lecture Hall or between brilliant ideas at the Collaborative Research Building, find the perfect partner just right around the corner. is not just a dating app - we're your AI-powered cupid. Let us transform your Yokohama National University journey into a memorable love story!